About 6=8 Clifford Performance Parts

The History of Clifford Performance Before founding Clifford Research in 1967, Jack Clifford raced a 1954 Hudson 308 flat-head 6 cylinder and became undefeated NHRA L/S champion in 1963. The reason Jack chose a flat-head 6 was that Hudson Hornets started NASCAR racing back in the early 1950s at Daytona Beach, Florida. The Hudson flat-head 6 cylinder outperformed all overhead V-8s including Chrysler hemis in 1954, taking 27 out of 29 grand national races. Hudson then merged with Nash and that was the last of the champion 6s. In 1963 Jack saw the potential of the 6 cylinder engine over V-8s in the stock NHRA drag classes. His Hornet powered Hudson won the L/Stock class at the Winter nationals with a speed of 85.65 mph and c.t. of 15.77, a record that held for ten years until the class was outlawed. Amazingly, all of Jack's NHRA races were done BEFORE HEADERS, and all engines were PURE STOCK! 1954 Hudson Hornet Special Coupe Jack Clifford displays his trophies - NHRA 7th division, #2 in the top ten. In 1964, while working as a mechanical engineer for North American Aerospace Division assigned to the Apollo Project, Ford Motor Sports Division hired Jack to beat the Chevaire race team. They were using a Chevy 327 V-8 wagon. 

The intention was to beat out the stock car manufacturer’s award at the NHRA world cup meet in Columbus, Ohio. Ford flew Jack and towed his 1954 "Hornet" powered 6 cylinder car to the meet. Ford knew they could not beat the Chevy race team without Jack's help since he held the class record too. His 6 cylinder flat-head blew the doors off the 327 V-8 Chevy by two full car lengths which allowed Ford to be #1 in the manufacturer's class. This really showed the possibilities of what a 6 cylinder flat-head could do, so by 1967 Jack made new history by using OHV sixes to go too. After leaving the aerospace business in 1966, he started the company known as "Hudson Powered Products." By 1967 he went into "overhead" sixes, extending the product lines, and adding a research and development division. Today, Clifford Research, now known as Clifford Performance, is the undisputed leader in 4 & 6 cylinder cars and off-road vehicles. Dedicated to maximum TORQUE, Clifford engineers have repeatedly broken new ground in bringing innovative products to car buffs around the world. Located in Wildomar, California the company employs the latest in research, design, material and manufacturing technology. For 50 years plus, Clifford Performance has been known for its quality products and attention to customer service.