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FORD 300 6=8 Cast Aluminum "STREET & s\Strip" Intake Manifold
FORD 300 6=8 Cast Aluminum Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 43-4502
Price: $319.00
Shipping Weight: 18.00 pounds
  2 Brl Carb Adaptor
  4 Brl Carb Adaptor
  Redline TBI Adaptor
  Howell TBI Adaptor
Fittment: All Ford 240/300 cid Description: Our Ram Flow Manifold is a single 2 or 4 brl. carb design, making it Clifford's most versatile manifold. It has an open plenum, allowing the user to mate a 2 barrel, 4 barrel or fuel injection system by changing carb adaptor. Weber 38/38 use 08-1013 Holley 390/or 500 Edelbrock carb , use 08-1014. Click on the adaptor of choice when ordering online. This manifold is made of cast aluminum and is a street or competition style for performance. The true beauty of this manifold is that it works exceptionally well on the street, thanks to our water heated passage along the bottom of the manifold. No matter where in the world the user is located, the water heated passage is a must for daily street use. By using a water/coolant mix to heat the manifold, we can atomize the fuel without boiling it, creating a consistant running engine. This manifold requires a minimum of 350 cfm, and will not bolt onto your engine with the factory cast iron exhaust manifolds. Please do not plug the water jackets and start your engine. Aluminum melts at 450 degree's. *Do not bolt any stock carb to this intake. It has oversized runners and will need an upgraded 2 or 4 brl carb.

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